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Hardwood Cutting Boards

Made From Salvaged & Reclaimed Hardwood

SALE $14.95

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(no mail charge if you pick up at our shop)

We accumulate a lot of short lengths of perfectly good hardwood. Unfortunately there is not much use for these small pieces and most shops either send them to the landfill (what a waste!) or people use them for firewood (adding to the pollution in the air - yuck). However, we salvage and recycle the lumber and make these lightweight and practical cutting boards.

They are made out of mixed hardwoods like hardrock maple, cherrywood, African mahogany, walnut and others (all non-toxic and suitable for cutting boards). The one in the photo is made from ribbon grain mahogany and walnut.

I give these to my clients when we build kitchen cabinets for them and cooks love them. I've had one in my kitchen for 15 years and it is still going strong (how's that for recycling?).

Each one is unique and we mix the dark and light woods for a very pleasing look - no two are alike. The end is curved to make it easy to scrape vegetables or meats into a bowl. They are lightweight and easy to handle. Size is approximately 8" wide X 14" long X 11/16" thick.

Email us for special pricing on bulk orders of 5 or more.

Salvaged hardwood cutting board - CB2010

Makes for a great green recycled gift!