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We offer 4 different types of cabinetry construction:

Frameless full access cabinetry -This is our standard cabinet box construction (often referred to as European construction although it originated in the United States back in the early 1900's). This is the least expensive way to build a cabinet although it is in no way inferior to other types of construction when built correctly (Ikea cabinets are built this way although not as strong or versatile as ours). This cabinetry gives you the fullest access to the interior because there is no face frame. The drawers are full width (you get 2-3" more drawer width than with face frame cabinets). The drawers are also deeper, again because there is no frame (where a standard cabinet company can only fit 4 drawers high we can put 5!). Full overlay doors are standard.

Frameless Cabinet Box Construction Details

  • Our standard cabinet box is built with 3/4" thick sides, shelves, tops & bottoms finished with a hard rock maple melamine laminate by Panolam. This product is superior in wear and durability to any plywood finished with standard finishes. The core is a 3/4" industrial grade 50# density particle board which is more stable than plywood and equally water resistant. This is NOT the standard lumber yard cheap particle board and is a standard in the upper end furniture and cabinet industry due to its superior durability, stability, strength and it is more environmentally friendly (being composed of sawdust it is made from other wood byproducts and waste material). Plywood box construction is available at an upcharge if you prefer the look and feel of all wood.
  • Sink bases are built with 3/4" marine grade plywood bottoms laminated with hard rock maple high pressure laminate (Formica). This water resistant construction is designed to avoid the water damage that is so typical in sink cabinets. The standard particle board or plywoods that all manufacturers use simply will not hold up to the serious water build up so often found under a sink. Marine grade plywood is designed for use in the hulls of boats so if it can stand up to ocean salt water it can easily last for years under your sink!
  • Exposed ends are made with veneered panels or solid wood that match the fronts. We do NOT use the phony paper ends (looks like Contact Paper) that many companies use.
  • Cabinets are assembled using a combination of water resistant glues, pocket screws, dados and rabbets. Sink cabinets joints are sealed with silicone to resist water infiltration. All cabinets are built as modular units for strength, ease of transport and installation.
  • Shelves are 3/4" maple melamine, adjustable and are supported using brown KV steel "library track." The steel clips lock into place and virtually assure that your shelves will never collapse (a common problem with the standard holes drilled into the sides of cabinets and plastic shelf clips). Base cabinet shelves are full depth standard (not the half depth typical of most companies).
  • Toekicks are solid 3/4" wood or plywood (depending on wood species & door type) not 1/4" plywood typical of most manufacturers. They are also removable if needed for access below the cabinets.
  • Cabinet Bases - The cabinet boxes sit on special cabinet leveler legs designed to support 650 pounds each (they can handle granite with no problem). This makes leveling the cabinets simpler during installation but the primary benefit to the homeowner is the cabinet boxes sit 4" off the floor. If you ever have a minor flood from a plumbing problem the cabinet boxes will not get wet (unless you get 4" or more of water!).
  • Sizes - We make our cabinets in ANY size (within the limits of available materials). You are NOT limited to the industry standard 3" increments (requiring lots of fillers). We will build the cabinets to fit your situation exactly - that means if we need a cabinet that is 17-3/16" wide we will make it that way. Note that we do not charge extra for kitchen height cabinets (34-1/2") in a bathroom vanity (which is typically 30" high). Also, we do not charge extra for vanity cabinets up to 24" deep (the industry standard is 21"). By increasing the depth of the vanity cabinets you can eliminate the impossible-to-clean space behind the faucets!
  • Drawers are solid wood 4-sided dovetail construction standard with 1/4" plywood bottoms.
  • Drawer glides are the Salice Futura 755 series soft-close undermount full extension and rated to hold up to 75 pounds. This means they will easily hold most anything you keep in your drawers (to illustrate - a nested stack of 3 cast iron frying pans is 35 pounds). We do not use the cheap Asian knock-offs that so many companies have made standard. All I can say about them is that they are guaranteed to break soon or your money back!
  • Roll out shelves are also dovetail construction and we use KV side mount ball bearing full extension 100# glides. In some cabinets the roll out shelves are adjustable utilizing the KV steel shelf track system.
  • All double door cabinets up to 36" wide and have butt doors meaning that annoying center post is not in your way. The industry standard is to use a 3" mullion (post) which they need to support their thin shelves and reduce the number of door sizes they have to make. Likewise, we build one drawer up to 36" wide instead of splitting them in 2 like most companies.
  • Stains - We offer our cabinets in a multitude of stains and we mix our own stains here.. We also do specialty finishes like tinted varnishes (in lieu of paint - tinted varnishes are much more durable than paint), custom glazing, laminates, inlaid veneers and more (your imagination is the limit!). See just a few of the types we can do here.
  • Finishes - We apply 3 coats of environmentally friendly water-borne catalytic varnish (about 5 mils thick) which has twice the solids content (meaning they are harder and more durable) of standard lacquers used by most companies.
  • Hinges - our standard hinges are the Salice soft close 110 degree swing fully concealed hinges with 6 way adjustment.
  • Full overlay doors are standard on frameless cabinets (no upcharge!). 

2) Traditional face frame cabinetry - We do offer this but it is not our standard since we believe you get less for more money. This is because the frames are not necessary for strength, they increase the cost, use more lumber than necessary (it takes about a half a tree to make the face frames for a set of kitchen cabinets) and they reduce your storage space inside the cabinets. However, we do offer these if a client asks for them. (This is the most common cabinetry - you probably have them in your home).

This cabinet box has a wood frame around the face from which the doors are hung. Available in different door overlays (lipped, 1/2", 3/4", 1" and full overlay 1-1/4"). Concealed hinges are standard but exposed hinges are available. Very sturdy and provides a more traditional look.

3) Inset door cabinetry- This cabinet has a face frame and the doors sit inside the frame, flush with the frame. Available with a square or beaded edge. Hinges can be concealed or exposed.

4) Commercial/institutional construction- For offices, medical facilities, schools, etc. The box is the frameless full access construction but the hinges are an exposed extra heavy-duty commercial grade hinge. Low pressure laminate doors are standard (high pressure and plywood also available) with heavy vinyl edging. The key word in this product is durability and sanitary.

Doors & Drawer Fronts - Custom made specifically for your job we offer a broad range of styles in many types of woods and laminates. Raised panels & most flat panel doors are solid wood throughout (no vacuum formed veneered panels typical of most major manufacturers). Construction of other door styles is dependent upon the type. Many of the doors we make for our clients are custom designed one-of-a-kind.

  • For woods and door styles - go here
  • Note: We reserve the right to make changes to the specifications without notice.