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If you are looking for a company to produce wholesale products that involve woodworking and finishing we'd like to talk to you. Since we are set up to do custom work we can flex our fabrication capacity to adapt to your particular manufacturing, assembly and finishing needs.

Best of all we are set up to do small and medium production runs (even one-at-a-time).

Over the last 7 years we have built prototypes for inventors, custom cabinetry for machinery, displays and equipment, jigs, RTA parts and finished wholesale goods.

We also collaborate with other Colorado manufacturers (plastics, metals, molds, etc.) to put together a package to fit your needs.

And all of this is done right here in the USA. And while we make no claim to being able to match Asian manufacturing pricing when you consider the headaches of communication, shipping and everything else that comes with dealing with companies 6,000 miles away you might find that in the whole we are less expensive.

For more information and price quotes contact me personally by clicking here

I look forward to hearing from you, Geoff Dunn