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Counterop Overview

(in order of cost from low to high)

There are a multitude of countertop choices nowadays.

Laminate - The most common counters made from Formica or other laminate brands (Wilson Art, Nevamar, etc.) Generally the least expensive but very serviceable. Many edge profiles are available including postformed, beveled edge, wood edge and others.

Ceramic or Stone Tile - Ceramic, granite or marble tile in various sizes & patterns. This is the least popular in my experince due to staining of grout, uneven surfaces, glass items easily broken. Can be inexpensive if you choose a low cost tile. If using this get as large a tile as possible to avoid grout joints.

Solid Surface Plastics - Most commonly known as Corian but there are many manufacturers. Solid plastic combination of acrylic (gives hardness) & polyester (gives flexibility) Solid material all the way through so if you scratch it (which you can) the scratch can be sanded out. Seams are actually "welded" together so the two pieces become one. Solid surface sinks are also welded in place. Can be damaged by hot pots and pans but can be repaired (albeit expensively).