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I recently had a client who wanted more storage in their master bathroom. Our solution was to add roll out shelves in the bottom of the 2 sink cabinets and a fixed shelf above it. In the picture below note that we notched the roll out shelf to go around the plumbing so as to maximize the storage space. The fixed shelf above this is 8" deep and pulled forward of the drain. There is a 2" back on the shelf to keep items from falling off. 

Also, in order to have the roll out shelf clear the molding on the tub wall to the right we had to make the shelf 5" shorter than the opening. We didn't want to loose the space, though so we built a box that is as tall as the roll out shelf and it functions as a small shelf. As a bonus we made the top of the box removable and there is concealed storage below which the owner intends to use as a place to store small valuables such as jewelry,etc.