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Here's a list of other companies we work with who I would,

without hesitation, highly recommend in the Colorado Springs area.

All of them are run by very conscientious and ethical owners

whose clients consistently give them high marks and would gladly recommend them to others. Click on the underlined name to go to their website.


ABOVE THE REST CONSTRUCTION - Ed Smith does outstanding remodeling work with integrity. If you need a deck, a minor remodel or an major addition Ed will do a great turn-key job.

(719) 499-0491 Email: [email protected]

SOLID ROCK BASEMENTS - I have worked with Lain Chappell, the owner of Solid Rock Construction, for many years and his company consistently does high quality basement remoding and his customers are consistently pleased with the results. Lain has won several rewards for his work and also had a project featured on HGTV and is a CGR (Certified Graduate Remodeler). (719) 494-0932


KEVIN CHAPMAN - Foot of the Cross Construction, LLC - Kevin and his crew do outstanding remodeling work and we have worked together on many jobs together. Reach him at (719) 964-2831 or [email protected]

HOME IMPROVEMENT CONSULTING - With 15 accident-free years of experience, Sammy provides professional consulting and project management for any construction project. Sammy DeWitt (303) 525-1300



SOLID ROCK CUSTOM HOMES - This is another division of Lain Chappell's Solid Rock Construction specializing in custom homes. He has built many homes from $300,000 to +$3 million and knows how to deliver a high quality project on schedule. Solid Rock Construction is a CGB (Certified Garduate Builder). (719) 494-0932


S. C. SCOTT CONSTRUCTION CONSULTING - Steve has always done an outstanding job on his homes. He is easy to work with and gets the job done on time and at a reasonable price. (719) 337-6857 Website:

Email: [email protected]

WOODSTONE CUSTOM HOMES - Owner, Woody Whitaker, has been building custom homes in the Pike's Peak region for years and builds beautiful homes. You can see the cabinetry in his own recent home here.

Call Woody at (719) 499-7118 or email him at [email protected]


D & J QUALITY ELECTRIC - Dennis and Joan Hathcock run a top notch company providing quality, reasonably priced electrical work for remodels, new homes and commercial work. Whether you just need some repair or major work I highly recommend D & J. (719) 495-4321 Website


LEGENDS GRANITE - If you want a job done right at a fair price contact Tom or Kimberly at Legends Granite (719) 633-7788 Website:


JERRY CIORDIA - I have worked with Jerry for many years and he consistently does quality work with high integrity. If you need a tile layer look no further. (719) 930-4063 Email: [email protected]


SHOUSE APPLIANCES- If you want to work with an appliance company that knows their products I highly recommend Shouse Appliances. Their staff have many years of experience in appliances unlike so many of the big box stores where the sales people don't have a clue. And their prices are competitive. I specifically recommend Johny Walker but all of their staff will do a great job for you. (719) 596-3000



These are some of my favorite reputable and talented interior designers:

DESIRED DESIGNS - Ann Eriksen (719) 338-8898

DESIGN WISE COLORADO - Serena Spell (719) 963-7438