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Do-It-Yourselfers - Already Have Your Kitchen Designed?

I Offer a Free Plan Review Before You Start

There have been many times when I got to see a friend or client's kitchen done by someone else after it was completed. Often people would ask me what I thought. Many times I just said, "Very nice," all the while wondering what the designer was smoking when they came up with the plan! Very often they were nice looking but functionally handicapped.

So, for those of you who would like a second opinion before you go ahead with a remodel, I would be glad to review your plans and, perhaps, save you from some grievous error. After all, once the job is complete very few people have it torn out again - they just live with it - and that is sad.

Here's the deal, email a drawing (pdf file preferably) of your plan and any other drawings you may have and I will review it and see if I spot any flaws or potential improvements. I will then send it back to you.

A kitchen is a big investment and most people don't really know what they are getting until it is all done and too late to make changes. Therefore, it is very important to get it right in the design stage. Remodeling is too messy and stressful to end up being disappointed!

Oh yeah - if you have lived through a remodel before you know that it isn't much fun. For those of you haven't been through one please drop me an email and ask me to send you the survey of the attitudes of all the participants in 25 remodel jobs. It is very eye opening and will prepare you for the trials and tribulations of living through a remodel. This is also no charge.

Have a great day!

-Geoff Dunn