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My son and his wife recently gave me the privilege of building the cabinetry for their home in New Jersey. It is a house that was built in the 1950's and was in serious need of remodeling (it didn't even have a dishwasher!). Typical of the houses of that time the kitchen, dining room and living room were 3 separate rooms. They removed the diving walls, turned the basement stairs around and removed the ceiling so they could have a vaulted ceiling with sky lights. This is not your prototypical L-shaped kitchen built around the "kitchen triangle." Very much outside-of-the-box it makes for a stunning and family friendly space. 

This is the original kitchen (yes, Martha, that's olive drab paint! Yuk!).

Note that the traditional windows were replaced with full length 7' windows to the floor so you have an unobstructed view of the front yard, magnolia tree and all!

The gutting begins!

Living in the middle of the work zone. Ewan, their 3 year old son is helping out (he grabbed a sledge hammer from the garage to help the contractor - I think it weighed more than him).

The framing on the left is the stairway being turned around so it is accessible from the great room rather than the garage door entrance.

We built the cabinets here in our shop in Colorado and I got to drive them out there this summer (good excuse to go see my grandson!). 

They are solid white Formica Brand SoliCore2 faces ( which makes a very durable door and drawer face without the typical laminate black line and far superior to melamine (can you say Ikea) or thermofused fronts (can you say "will turn yellow over time").

The work proceeds - windows in,

vaulted ceiling, lighting and so forth. 

Close to finished. More pics to come...