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We recently custom built the cabinetry for this kitchen using wormy maple. The owner wanted a rustic look but something different than rustic hickory or alder - something unique. Wormy maple fit the bill perfectly. It has some wonderful figure in it (irradescent curly maple, birdseye, spalting, knots and more.

The cabinets were distressed meaning we used a special tool to imbed screw marks, dents, hammer blows and other wear marks which gave the kitchen an old world look.

To make the grain pop we used a light base honey stain coated with a base semi-gloss sealer coat, then wiped on a black glaze using a ghosting technique and leaving excess glaze in the corners and recesses. This was top coated with 2 coats of satin finish.

The kitchen features many large drawers, rollout shelves, tray storage, a rollout waste basket, bookshelves, a diagonal base lazys susan cabinet, a custom built in bench and much more.

The Cabinet Guy LLC (actually 3 guys) did this job in conjunction with:

EMC Construction - Ed Smith - who handled all of the remodeling work except the cabinetry and granite countertops. Ed is a great guy to work with and keeps the job moving. Call Ed at 719-499-0491

Desired Design - Ann Eriksen did an outstanding job with the kitchen design layout and bringing all the materials, textures and colors together. She was very easy to work with and knows her stuff. Contact her at 719-338-8898

Special kudos to the home owner (who shall remain nameless) for being very enjoyable to work with and was patient when needed! Thanks!